We offer international volunteer and berth programs in varied fields like ladies and youth management, children’s development, teaching, setting & conservation, public health, management & administration, Journalism and public interest. of these volunteer and berth programs ar run in elect deprived communities in Asian nation so as to maximise the impact of volunteers. Our integrated approach of community development can assure the entire community quality wherever volunteers / interns of assorted education and cultural background will exchange their culture freely. Volunteers / interns from overseas conjointly can have chance to immerse into Nepali culture and create friends.

Volunteerism is taken into account as a altruistic observe performed with a motive to assist the individuals or society in would like. Volunteering comes from the sense of humanity and responsibility. we have a tendency to believe if you have got sense of humanity you may be impromptu serving to individuals in would like. Volunteering helps the individuals or community in would like with service motivation however not profit motivation.

In Nepal, there’s a protracted history of informal volunteering in numerous varieties of social activities however shortly history of formal volunteering through the institution of volunteering organizations / establishments. therefore within the recent days, government & non-government volunteer organizations in Asian nation have started mobilizing native and international volunteers on development and rescue activities. There ar many volunteer and berth programs accessible however you must be terribly careful that organizations ar legitimate. you must conjointly check if they’re non-profit or for profit organizations. we’ve got incorporated tips about a way to select right volunteer organization & volunteer program

We named our organization “Volunteers Initiative Nepal” as a result of we have a tendency to believe that positive transformation of the community is additionally attainable by volunteerism and volunteers will initiate a clever approach to the event model. we have a tendency to initiated all our community development comes voluntarily mistreatment our native data, experiences, skills and experience. before long when origination of VIN, native volunteers became major a part of our community development method. Our founder administrators believed that if we have a tendency to inspire individuals to allow back one thing to the community / individuals in would like, this method could bring peace & harmony within the community and that we ought to stand as model characters – the result be an enduring modification.

The poor countries like Asian nation depend upon grants from the govt. or different donor agencies. As a result, the advantages ar realised solely as long as grants/donations ar received. VIN believes the communities ar solely sceptred if they feel the sense of “ownership”. therefore teaching the community a way to be independent is extremely vital.

Internship comes ar principally designed for university students, recent graduates, career developers United Nations agency need to enhance their tutorial credentials or career skills. you will participate altogether our comes as a volunteer or associate intern. the sole distinction on our volunteering and berth project is that the nature of support, steering on the administration of the comes.

In the developed countries berth is extremely crucial for the scholar. it’s an area of educational career. In Nepal, observe of berth has simply evolved. The university and faculty have enclosed berth program on their tutorial course of study to halt the theoretical primarily based education system. VIN typically have variant international and national volunteers and interns taking part on our varied community volunteer and berth programs / comes.

We ar promoting berth therefore on contribute to the career development of young and potential students. berth helps for mutual development of each community and also the students. the scholars will apply their theoretical data within the community and also the community will profit through the experience of the scholars. therefore berth permits bilateral edges for the interns and also the community individuals. berth is for the students/career builders United Nations agency have to be compelled to translate their tutorial data into sensible skills. Whereas volunteering is performed a lot of severally which can need less steering and direction, involves less logistic assistance.

Internship on the opposite hand is targeted for the scholars, graduates, career builders United Nations agency have to be compelled to translate their tutorial data into sensible skills. The interns therefore need a lot of mentoring, steering and direction. berth demands a lot of supply supports within the kind of work, direction and communication with the university/school.

VIN has many Volunteer comes designed to realize the goal of holistic community development approach. we have a tendency to empower deprived communities by four major development initiatives i.e. ladies management, community health, kids development and youth management. Our four pillars of development initiatives ar education, health, financial gain & basic infrastructure that ar very important for the management of deprived communities.

We have ten Program classes for volunteering & and internship: Teaching Program, kids Development, ladies management, Public Health, setting and Conservation, Youth management, Public Interest, Management and Administration, Journalism, journey & Volunteer.