Aim / Objectives

Without discriminating on the base of religion, complexion, gender, class, ethnicity, nationality or political ideology, the objectives of this association shall be as under:

  1. This Association shall be non-profit making Social Association benevolent to public.
  2. To operate community based schools and service oriented program in and for remote area, community, backward women, youth and bucolic groups, through means of international volunteers.
  3. To import international volunteers in to Nepal, then to operate various programs for promotion of attractive tourist locations of Nepal doing upkeep and conservation of Nepalese art and culture.
  4. To operate various programs like: skill oriented, education, training, instruction by international volunteers, then to form group and deploy after making volunteers of international level to male and female youths of Nepal.
  5. To operate program for arrangement of home stay to national and international tourists.
  6. To operate program exchanging programs each other between volunteers by doing coordination with organizations for international volunteer service.
  7. To operate programs conducive to protection and enhancement human right, and sustainable development, and peace keeping.
  8. To keep dual contact with helpless, elderly persons, women, poor class and person made backward and to operate necessary program for their uplifting.
  9. To operate various camp, training, interaction, workshop program related to right and empowerment of children teenager, women and elderly people, and gender equality and reproductive health and other health.
  10. To operate programs of income earning, saving collection and mobilization through income oriented, skill oriented and employment oriented program for uplifting the targeted group.
  11. To operate programs giving information and knowledge about awareness oriented education, health, sanitation education, and domestic and foreign employment.
  12. To operate programs like production oriented, skill oriented education, training and instruction for collective development.
  13. To operate various programs related to environment protection, conservation of natural resources and climate change, and friendly environment.
  14. To form youth club in partnership, involvement and participation of youth and to operate social programs for getting free from addictive drug, alcohol, cigarette, hard drink those are hazardous to health and mala fide intention.
  15. To operate programs like: opening library for supporting intellectual, mental, physical and emotional development of the student of bucolic community, different sport and competitive programs.
  16. To operate program for childcare and elderly home.
  17. To operate programs like: construction of school building in remote area of Nepal, covering technical aspect of school such as teaching method, women toilet, friendly toilet and educational material distribution, and advocacy program therefor.
  18. To operate programs for creating awareness against violence against children, women, elderly people, child-marriage, addiction, HIV and Aids and counseling service.
  19. To make program for exchange of inter-religious culture preserving various religion, art, culture, tradition and rituals of country, and to operate program for extension of separate group and organization of the youth of different religious group.
  20. To run program of leadership development, capacity building, skill development and employment oriented training as per capacity of children, teenage, youth, women and elderly people of targeted group.
  21. To run program making cooperation, coordination, involvement and participation of various national and international association, organization for production operation and transmission of programs.
  22. To operate various program subjective to inter-religion and peace keeping.
  23. To operate training of domestic waste management and compost manual.