Children Development Program

Track Nepal’s mission is the empowerment of marginalized communities, focusing on those most marginalized: women and children. Our Children’s Development Program is one of the major activities in our integrated community approach, supported by our full time staff and volunteers. The aim of the program is to protect the rights of all children in the community by: providing access to a basic, quality education; developing their life skills; and providing access to health services (through our Community Health Program)

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with approximately 25% of its population living below the poverty line. The basic rights of many community children are often not met. They will not receive an education, instead being used to complete household chores and babysit while their parents tend the land. The schools themselves lack proper facilities and lessons are often taught by unqualified teachers. Many children will not complete their primary education. And in the worst cases, they leave their homes, thrown out or fleeing from abuse, to live on the streets of Kathmandu.

Children development project

For the overall development of marginalized children we run four projects for volunteers within our Children’s Development Program: Child Care: Orphanage Home,Child Care: Early Childhood Education,Children’s Life Skills Facilitation, and Working for Street Children. The range of these projects allows volunteers with different strengths and interests to contribute to their fullest ability and satisfaction. While the Early Childhood Education Project focuses on basic development of children 3-5 years old, the Children’s Life Skills Facilitation Project offers a completely different experience with an age group reaching up to 16. No matter what your strengths are, VIN will help you pick the right project where you can come away knowing you’ve made a difference.
Aside from volunteer opportunities, VIN also searches for donors to sponsor a child for child education. A donation of $500 pays for one child to have a full year of quality education including any materials they will need.

Track Nepal seeks caring and motivated volunteers to support our community development program and contribute to complementary projects, caring for children in orphanages and supporting street children.