The World Peace Letter Campaign will bring together citizens to presidents around the world

Greetings of Peace!

For marking  6th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and the Peace Walk, the “Peace Letter Campaign” is going to   
hold around the world.  It is planned to gather letters of peace around 193 countries calling on the current heads of state to support the adoption of the DPCW as a norm of international law. So far, 8 current head of states have received the letters.
Therefore, we are writing to invite you as a peace messenger to participate in this Worldwide Peace Campaign by delivering the handwritten letter 
to your president, prime minister, king and your head of state
 calling for the adoption of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).

Please refer to the detailed information on the attached files. 
1. Sample Letter 
2. Video about the letter campaign 
3. Contents of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW)

Types of letter you can participate in 
1. (Priority) Handwritten letter (Shoot photo) 
2. Typing -> Printing -> Mailing (Shoot photo) 
3. E-mailing 

MUST add the following contents of the letter 
1. Current situations in your state, the need for peace 
2. Reasons for supporting DPCW (ex. Republic of Korea can link to Article 5, self-determination)
3. Encouraging the heads of state to support DPCW for example, what will happen if the head does not support the document? How would you like to remain in the history for the future generation as the head of state willing to peace or war? 
4. Request the heads to respond to the letter of peace and support the DPCW declaration

Request details for the letter 
1. Choose either official or free format 
2. One or half of A4 size 

3. Before sending: Please shoot or scan your letter and send us (

If only possible, shooting photo is required
1. Shooting photo of a written peace letter 
2. Shooting a photo of the person who writes a peace letter 
3. Shooting a photo of delivering a peace letter to heads of state, current presidents (if only possible)

Due dates
– May 17th (1st round), May 21st (2nd round), May 24th (3rd round)